PAPER Team Memos

P001 Gaussian Fits to the PAPER Antenna Beam Pattern, K. Peek, 2005 May
P002 A New Approach to Radio Astronomy Signal Processing, A. Parsons, 2005 Aug
P003 A Configuration Study for PAPER, D. Backer, 2005 Oct
P004 A Low Cost Screened Enclosure for Effective Control of Undesired Radio Frequency Emissions, R. Bradley, 2006 Jul
P005 Correlator Development Plans, A. Parsons, 2006 Apr
P006 Configuration of Eight-Element Green Bank Array, N. Gugliucci, 2006 Jun
P007 Sensitivity and Calibration of PAPER, D. Backer, 2006 Sep
P008 Calibrating PAPER Receiver Temperature Using a Galactic Synchrotron Model, N. Gugliucci, 2006 Nov
P009 Calibration Requirements for HI 21cm imaging of Cosmic Reionization, C. Carilli, 2006 Dec
P010 Quantization with Four Bits, D. Backer, 2007 Mar
P011 75 Ω Transmission System, C. Parashare, 2007 May
P012 120-205 MHz Receiver for PAPER: Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization, C. Parashare, 2007 May
P013 Instrument Development for PAPER: A Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization. C. Parashare, 2007 May
P014 Beam Patterns of Low Frequency Radio Antennas using LEO Satellites, P. Ries, 2007 Oct
P015 Choosing optimal calibration sources from Northern Hemisphere catalogs (and PGB16 data), D. Jacobs, 2009 Dec
P016 Temperature Dependent Gains, J. Pober, 2010 Dec
P017 Imaging PSA64 data with AIPS, C. Carilli, 2011 Oct